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OCR And Searchable PDF With DMS Link

Optical Character Recognition(OCR) allows you to quickly and accurately convert hard copy documents into electronic files that can be edited, searched or shared in PDF format. Combines Kyocera’s DMS Link application, you will enjoy the convenience to scan, distribute, retrieve and archive your mountains of documents in daily busy working environment no matter what line of business you are in.
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Scanning And Imaging Solutions Through PinPoint Scan

Scanning is one of the most important functions of document workflow and should be easy to use and serve the purposes that your company needs. With Kyocera’s PinPoint Scan application, scanning to your PC from your network connected MFPs becomes as easy as scanning from a desktop scanner but with the added speed and versatility Kyocera MFPs provide. With a simple two step installation process, one download to the MFP and one to your PC, network scanning couldn’t be easier. Learn more about the application on this Kyocera Webpage


Work and Share Together with SharePoint Connector

Working together is key to business success. Employees, departments, and companies alike are looking for better ways to share information. Without expensive middleware or server add-ons, your HyPAS-enabled Kyocera MFP becomes a high speed on-ramp for the conversion of paper documents into easily-shared digital files. Add Kyocera’s SharePoint Connector and these electronic documents can be sent directly to your secure Microsoft SharePoint server – making it easier for employees to share, collaborate and manage their ideas and information.
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Cut the Cost of Printing with PaperCutTM Solutions

Powerful PaperCutTM Software can make your printing management more transparent and pain free, help IT departments gain more control over their printer activity and costs, and allow for better cost and resource management across the departments and organizations. Contact your local dealer for further details.


Network Device Management Through KYOCERA Net Admin

KYOCERA Net Admin is the single solution for device management and reporting. It enables IT administrators to effectively monitor networked devices within departments and workgroups to ensure high performance and maximized productivity. View toner usage, paper levels, device configuration, and employee print behavior at-a-glance. You can also customize the interface to view only the features you want to see – it’s device management your way.
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AirPrintTM and KYOCERA Mobile Print

AirPrintTM is an AppleTM technology that enables printing from iOS or OSX devices without installing any applications or drivers. With AirPrintTM, you can take advantage of driverless from Apple products to a KYOCERA MFP on the same network.
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KYOCERA Mobile Print is an easy-to-use app for iOS and Android mobile users to print, scan, and email from their mobile devices to a KYOCERA MFP on the same local area network.
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Get a perfect fit with Quantum Customized Solution

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